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Cricket Machinery bids each rental based upon the specific needs of your project. Several items effect the price. Common factors that effect price include distance from your project to one of our many staging yards, configuration and options of paving machine needed to complete place your deck or concrete paving, quantity of support rail needed, quantity of work bridges needed, experience level of your operators, number of pours required by your project.

Please see this article about setting screed rails.

No. We typically provide one operator who works with your laborers to assemble and disassemble the machine. We typically rent the screed pipe and chairs to you but do not get involved with setting or grading the rails, that is handled entirely by your laborers. Cricket does not provide laborers or concrete finishers to assist with the pour. Bidwell bridge pavers require an operator to sit in the upper seat during the concrete placement and also require a person on the ground to make adjustments and start and stop the lower paving carriage and this person is typically one of your most trusted people.

We stage equipment in yards around the country. We typically have most of our equipment staged on drop deck semi trailers and we typically arrange for a tractor to pickup trailer from our staging yards and deliver to your project site. You will need a tractor onsite to move the empty drop deck trailers into a staging area provided by you onsite while the paving equipment is being utilized.

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